Investigation of Cemetery A, Highway 421, Richmond, KY, across from Army Depot entrance, was conducted on 23 March 2010.  History regarding site includes information obtained from the following web site  Also, a member of the Madison County Historical Society was contacted and telephonically interviewed.  The following pictures were taken by the two lead investigators denoting unusual anomalies.  These pictures currently HAVE NOT been professionally reviewed.  Each member of the KPD team that was on site had bizarre experiences such as a dramatic temperature change above a dirt mound in rear of cemetery.  Mist between two headstones was seen by all members, but was not visible on any photos taken.  Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) could not be conducted due to location and noise contamination.  Unusual sensations were experienced by both lead investigators.

Balls of light caught on camera by John Hoskins at Cemetery A, Highway 421,  Richmond, KY during investigation on 3.23.10.

Unusual lights caught on camera by Antonia Wells at Cemetery A, Highway 421,  Richmond, KY during investigation on 3.23.10.  The camera date is incorrect and was not set properly prior to picture.

This picture was debunked by one of our junior

investigators - Jacob Lee.  See explanation and

picture taken in a controlled environment below:

 "Camera shutters have speeds.  If an object being photographed is being photographed with a camera that has a slow shutter speed, it will capture any movement of the camera in the picture being taken."