The mission of Kentucky Paranormal Detectives (KPD) is strictly investigative.  We do not make any assumptions on the sites we visit.  KPD does not conduct any investigations based on ouija boards or the use of psychics.  We simply report the findings of our investigations based on facts and hard evidence we have retrieved.  We neither prove or disprove hautings, we just state the facts we have found and allow you to interpret what you see.

KPD is a group co-owned by John Hoskins and Antonia Wells. They have a team consisting of 2 case managers, Antonia Wells and Della Hoskins, 2 lead investigators, John Hoskins and Antonia Wells, 1 full time investigator, Joyce Hale, and 3 investigators in training, Israel Hoskins, Jacob Lee, and Zachary Hoskins. Also, there is one guest investigator periodically, Barbara Hameister.

Both John and Antonia have a very dedicated interest to paranormal events. Both lead investigators and one of the investigators in training have had personal paranormal experiences.

We have posted pictures of the first investigation the team did. This investigation was done on 3.23.10 at Cemetery A, on HWY 421, Richmond, KY. Orbs and light flashes were caught on camera.   Mist was also observed by all members of team, including guest investigator. Due to the outside location, EVP was not practical.

KPD was founded strictly on interest in the paranormal by both co-owners. KPD will research any site requested to be visited. KPD does not accept monetary payment or donations for investigations performed.

KPD members (Left to Right) back row - John Hoskins, Co-founder; Israel Hoskins, Investigator-in-training.  front row - Della Hoskins, case manager; Zachary Hoskins, Investigtor-in-training; Antonia Wells, Co-founder; Joyce Hale, Investigator.

 BIO of Lead Investigators

John Hoskins - Previous site supervisor of  major corporation in Fayette County, Kentucky.  Has over 20 years of experience in both law enforcement and private security.  Has been trained in surveillance, individual observation tactics, and interrogation.  Has been awarded many citations for valor and performance of duties.

Antonia Wells - Has 12 years previous experience in US Army abroad.  Obtained Bachelors Degree in Business Management.  Training includes US Government base security, Civilian base security, and Computer technology in surveillance and inspection, as well as managing several military operations.  Awarded several accommodations for duty above and beyond average expected performance.